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Prominent Cricket Tournaments for Colleges in Chennai

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by Gomathi Rajam
Cricket is one of the most popular sports in Chennai played at every nook and corner of the city. The Tamil Nadu Cricket Association facilitates the development of the sport amidst school students by organizing tournaments frequently. The Colleges in Chennai also promote the sport by offering admissions to deserving sports students through Sports Quota and conducting Inter-Collegiate tournaments often. These tournaments provide a platform for talents to display their skills and help in identifying talents through exposure at different levels. Here are some of the most prominent College Cricket tournaments organized by the colleges in Chennai.       REGISTERED TOURNAMENTS Vizzy Trophy, the National University tournament is the most important cricket tournament at the college level. The qualification for the prestigious tournament takes place at different levels throughout the country. The universities segregated on the basis of their zones rival with other such universities from the same zone and the best two teams from each zone get to participate in the Vizzy Trophy. It is one of the most important tournaments that every college prioritizes the most. YMCA BUCK TOURNAMENT The YMCA College of Physical Education organizes, the Buck Memorial tournament in the reminiscence of it’s founder Harry Crone Buck annually. The multi-sport tournament that has successfully conducted 62 editions of the tournament invites various colleges across Chennai. It is one of the most salient tournaments at the college levels.  

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  RED BULL CAMPUS CRICKET Red Bull Campus Cricket tournament is an International level Cricket tournament for College students. Various College teams from different part of the world compete at the annual tournament that adopts the T20 version of the game. Seven editions of the tournament are known to have been successfully hosted thus far. The best team from each participating country will be rivaling to win the Red Bull Championship. The National level tournament in India saw the participation of over 300 teams. MMC College from Pune, the three times National winners, hold the record for the most number of Championships at the National level PAVIT SINGH NAYAR MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT Pavit Singh Memorial tournament is one of the college tournaments that has been launched recently. Guru Nanak College, one of the best sporting colleges in the city that has produced a number of cricketers playing at the higher levels, conducts an annual T20 cricket tournament at the college level. The tournament that inaugurated in 2015 is an invitational tournament and the winners are awarded a cash prize.     LICET CRICKET TROPHY LICET Cricket Trophy is the Cricket tournament organized by the Loyola ICAM Engineering College. The tournament was inaugurated in 2011 is a State Level Invitational tournament that sees the participation of 16 to 20 Colleges from Tamil Nadu. SRM FOUNDER’S TROPHY The Founder’s Trophy is the annual sports tournament conducted by the SRM University in the memory of their founder. The tournament that was conducted at the National level is currently being conducted at the state level. The tournament sees the participation of over 20 colleges every year. PADMA SHRI MOHANMULLJI CHORDIA GOLD CUP T20 CRICKET TOURNAMENT The Gold Cup T-20 Cricket tournament is the tournament conducted  by A.M.Jain College and  it is one of the oldest college tournament whose history traces back to the 60’s and 70’s. The tournament was relaunched in 2007 and it became extremely popular amongst the college cricket. The invitational T20 tournament named after it’s founder is organized for both men and women.  

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  HINDU-SSN T20 CUP The SSN College of Engineering, organizes a National level Inter-Collegiate tournament known as the   Hindu-SSN T20 Cup. The tournament was inaugurated in 2014 and various colleges from different parts of India participate at the Invitational tournament. QMC UG TOURNAMENT The Quide Millethe College organizes the QMC UG Trophy. The tournament that sees the participation of many Arts Colleges from Tamil Nadu is an exclusive tournament for the Under Graduate students. It is the only tournament that is exclusively for the Under Graduates. IIT SANMAR TROPHY The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),  predominantly known for the strenuous educational system surprisingly also has a good sporting culture and hosts sports tournaments.  The IIT Sanmar Trophy is organized by the Sanmar groups at the IIT Madras Chemplast grounds.  It is one of the prestigious College tournaments which sees the participation of the best College teams across the city.