Fitness mantra

Swimming five hours a day and gyming two hours a day. This has been my routine since the past 10 years and this is my fitness mantra. Diet matters a lot and therefore I focus on maintaining a healthy one!

When did you start swimming?

I started swimming at the age of four. As a four year old I represented my state in the rowing competition twice and in order to further continue with rowing, my coach (my uncle who is currently the president of Karnataka rowing association ) asked me to learn swimming so I would be able to handle my boat if it topples. And I continued with swimming and never went back to rowing.

On field are you a Predator or a Buddha?

It depends on the kind of situation. I adapt myself to the circumstance and act accordingly.

One race that you are very proud of

One of the memorable moments is when I gave the best performance in the 200m backstroke in the 2016 senior nationals (India) which I didn’t expect at all, cutting down three seconds from my previous best time. I was proud because, I knew I had progressed.

The toughest punishment given to you by your coach

I was made to swim for 6 hours continuously from morning 5 to 11; that was the worst punishment.

What does it mean to you to represent India?

It is an incredible feeling, to put on the Indian tracksuit ,it’s almost like wearing an armor and getting ready for the battlefield with determination. It’s a mixture of pride and pleasure, knowing that you are one among the other few ones who are getting to represent the country.

You have a chance to play another sport. Which one would it be?

I would go for boxing. It’s an exhaustive sport, but you feel that it’s worth the exertion as it helps you maintain your fitness level.

Your ultimate achievement?

My ultimate achievement would be, when I’ll be able to put my country’s flag high, at the Commonwealth games or the Asian games by conquering a GOLD medal.

Is sports a natural talent or a skill that is developed?

For some it’s a natural talent and for some it’s a skill which they have to keep working on, in all type of ways.

Perk of being an athlete

Being an athlete promises you good fitness levels, and mind control, only when you’re serious about routines and diet etc.,



When was the first time you represented India?


It was in 2011 , when I participated in the world cup which was held in Dubai and I think it was the kick start of my international career. I came sixth in the meet.

Opponent you dislike racing with?

No names in particular , but on a very broad basis, I don’t like players who are cunning, jealous and backstabbers.

Who had the greatest influence in your life?

My coach Pradeep Kumar. I think without his guidance for 7 years I would not be in the place where I have reached now.

What matters the most during ‘Do or Die’ situations?

Will power is required during these situations, because somehow your determination is put to test, and you need to survive the test!

Your dream ride?

My love is for bikes! I would love to own a Hayabusa.

One tattoo you would like to have?

The Olympic rings, after I attend the Olympics.

Best sports movie ever

‘Creed’, is one of the best movies I have watched. I love that it is a fast-paced movie. The movie kept me glued to the screen throughout!


The upcoming Asian age group championship is the first thing I’m looking forward to.

Long term goals are to hit it big at the Asian Games and the Olympics.

Your plans & preparations for TOKYO 2020

I’m trying to improve my concentration. Food diet is being taken care of and intense workout sessions are also starting.

One unforgettable moment

Winning the SAF games gold medal is an unforgettable experience!

Do you hold any record?


5 Junior national records

1 Senior national record

1 National games record

1 Indian best performance

8 South zone records

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