Bhavya kick started her journey in 2011 and got recruited to be a part of the first ultimate Frisbee team of women representing Auroville. Bagged the Spirit of the Game awards at both the World Championships she has attended. The most cherished moment in her life was the proudest moments that she got from the match against Ireland at the World U23 Championships in 2016 as a part of the Indian Mixed team.

Are you a Predator or a Buddha when you on field?

When I am on field I am a Buddha. I like to play in a calm manner, which helps me to think about what move should I take on the field.

Any rituals you follow

I always introduce myself or get to know my opponent beforehand. So then I can decide on how, what ways to defend the opponent.

Who had the greatest influence in your life?

I feel that I am positively influenced by almost everyone. But I admire my parents who have always supported all my decisions and making me responsible for my future.

Common road blocks that stop athlete from achieving their dreams?

Every athlete needs a person who motivates them. I believe if a person is there to show that what is right and wrong then definitely one can achieve their goal. No matter what ever the hurdles be.

Best sports movie ever

The Blind Side. The movie clearly shows how well a person can achieve if there is someone beside the person.

One super power you wish you had

I wished I had the power to teleport. So that would make it much easier for us rather than traveling and spending so much of time.

Describe ONE moment that you won’t forget

To see the Indian flag flying high in the midst of many others. That moment is irreplaceable in an athlete’s life.

One match that you are very proud of

Winning against Ireland at the World U23 Championships in 2016 as a part of the Indian Mixed team. The match was streamed live and every supporter from India was watching it.

The toughest punishment given to you by your coach

The toughest punishment that I always get from my coach is to do laps in the field.

What does it mean to you to represent India?

To represent Indian is a dream come true. Dignity, pride and responsibility are the attributes that would be entitled if one represents India. But also, as a person I would be very privileged to see the country’s name written on my jersey.


You have a chance to play another sport. Which one would it be?

I would go for Synchronized Swimming, it is the ultimate culmination of agility, stamina and strength.

Your ultimate achievement?

My ultimate achievement is to be as fit as my body possibly can. As an athlete, the utmost important aspect is to maintain the fitness throughout the life.

How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?

I wish to be known as the best woman player in India. So, by seeing me many amateur women athletes can believe in themselves that they can achieve whatever they want, the will to conquer the dreams by tackling down all the hurdles that come across.

Area of your game do you think you need to improve?

Every athlete never stops learning. Only through the ups and downs an athlete gets to know about the game. An athlete would foresee that in every aspect of the game they improve.

Is sports a natural talent or a skill that is developed?

I believe it is both. Only if a talent is brought out from a person in the right manner it can be showcased to the world. Everyone does have inherent qualities, only thing is that it must be nurtured well.

“True greatness is found in being great at little things”

Perks of being an athlete

Being an athlete would bring you to the lime light. Moreover, it will help you to meet so many other athletes and learn from them.

Your first match for India

My first match for India was in London during the World U23 Championships in 2016. We were playing against Great Britain which is one of the top 5 teams in the world. We were the first to score and I have never seen such excitement and happiness on my team mates’ faces ever before. I had never felt such a strong sense of pride and accomplishment than before. Even though we lost our first match, we won that first point and that is invaluable.

Best team talk you have ever witnessed

“Just remember this, right now, you are India. You are the face of India, let’s show them what our country is made of”.

Your first encounter with a celebrity athlete

Saina Nehwal shook my hand an awarded me and the rest of my team a medal for winning a National level tournament.

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