Fisto Sports is the 1st and only online magazine aiming at elevating school and college sports to the most adorable level. At Fisto we ensure the promotion of international, national and state level athletes and teams, by showcasing their achievements to a comprehensive horizon of the audience.

We bet you’re convinced we’re one of a kind. Well, that was swift.

Fisto will try to feature any sports that has International Recognition.

Yes Fisto Sports will featureathletes from any school/college who are at International, National and State level.

Hold that head up high because it is undoubtedly a fascinating feeling to be the star player of the school or college team!

Yes, you are eligible to get featured in Cheers!

Have you ever patted your friend’s back for their skills in sports and said “I hope you go into great heights”. If yes, SPOTLIGHT is your opportunity (just a click away) to help your friend earn the recognition he/she deserves. The ball is in your court now. No sweat.

SPOTLIGHT is “THE” platform to refer any athlete from school / college playing at International / National / State levels

The athletes themselves can use SPOTLIGHT and also anyone who wants to refer an athlete can use it.

1) Scanned copy of certificates of achievement/participation in International/National/State level meets.

2) Scanned copy of College or School ID.

Yes, any individual or teams can submit their freestyle videos, trick shot videos, Mannequin, dizzy penalty challenge or any such videos related to sports to us. To know more about the quality and copyright requirements of your videos, please get in touch with us at and we will make sure to be the platform for expanding the audience for your amazing talents!

We will try to publish articles as soon as possible. Mostly anytime within 2-4 weeks after submission depending on the availability of slots. If you fit the criteria you WILL be showcased on website!

Oh yes, of course! You are most welcome to share articles/images/videos directly from and its social media platforms.