Shooting his way towards the top, one bullet at a time, we had an interview with Dhansvin Ravi from Chennai. The rifle shooter who has been a tough shot to all his competitiors despite the obstacles his way and has kept his head held high aiming only to march forward and make the country proud.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am studying in Don Bosco, Egmore. My mother’s name is Devikala. My father’s name is Ravi. I have a twin brother named Dharmayuv, and he is a pistol shooter. We both practice at the Chennai Rifle Club. I have won medals in state level competition as state record and won medals even in South India level. I started my shooting career from my 9th standard.

You have played multiple sports; how did you first get involved in the shooting sports?

I have played many sports but this sport is really different and likely helps me recognize my individuality.

What made you chose shooting than other sports and what role your family plays in your shooting career?

First of all, they encouraged me a lot to go forward in this sport rather than other sports. And my family plays a major role by taking me to the range, every day and also by giving me the financial support. My father is a welder but he supports me a lot.

What do you like most in shooting?


It seems you’ve pretty much stuck to rifles in competition. Why did you choose rifles instead of Pistol?

The style and position of the rifle suits me.

Who inspires you both in sports and in real life?

My parents inspire me in both sports and real life.

Let’s talk about training. What type of training do you do? What’s an average week of training look like for you?

I do training for 10meter Air Rifle in standing position. My average week of training is 6 days per week and 2-3 hours per day.

Let’s talk about those more experienced shooters. Who is someone who you look up to, who you try to model yourself and your shooting style after?

Abhinav Bindra.

Where do you currently train? And who are your mentors?

I practice at CHRC. My coaches are my Mentors.

What’s something you want to add to your game or get better at as you finish school?

After completing my school, I want to spend more time in practicing in order to achieve my goal.

What’s been the biggest moment of your shooting career so far?

My biggest movement was when I won the silver medal in All India Level. And when I got selected for Indian Team National trials, it was my first national.

What do you see yourself doing in the future? Do you see yourself going out for the Olympic team or anything like that?

To be an International shooter and represent India. Yes, I do.

 If you have to name one Indian Elite shooter that you would like to partner in mixed Team category, who would you choose?

Elavenil Valarivan.

Any pre-match, post-match rituals you follow?

Yes, meditation.

What are a few goals that the team (both school and TN team) has set this year? What about personal goals you hope to achieve in the long-term?

Yes, If I get sponsor it will helpful for my shooting career.


Rapid fire

Favorite movie: Thupakki and Dangal

One thing you have to have in your fridge at all times? Chocolates

What is your favorite song? Girls like you, and Single Pasanga

Favorite food? Chicken fried rice

Person who gets you to laugh the most in school? Myself


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