Kabaddi is an interesting game. Kabaddi has been in India for ages. Great souls like Gautam Buddha have played this sport. The game finds mention in ancient scriptures like the Mahabharata also. Kabaddi is a contact sport that requires strength, stamina, strategy and agility. Though the game itself seems quite modest, it requires a lot of skill and technique to master the game.  In India, with the invent of PKL, the Kabaddi fever is catching up. Many young and talented kids are taking up this sport seriously. According to reports, Kabaddi was the second most watched sport in India after cricket, which shows that this sport has a bright future in India.

According to me, below are the 7 most important things every budding Kabaddi player should keep in mind for becoming a professional Kabaddi player:

Physical fitness

Strength, Stamina and endurance are the basic things required to play all sports. Kabaddi is a sport that requires the players to be on their toes all the time during the game. The game demands a lot of physical and mental strength. Players have to be physically fit because kabaddi tends to get rough at times and sportsmen are prone to injury. Stamina and good physical fitness will help one recover quickly. Players must do crossover exercises, running and work outs to build endurance.


A player’s eating habits determine his body structure and affect his stamina therefore a player should be conscious of what he is eating. One’s diet should complement the physical exercise one is doing.  An ideal diet should be correct mix of proteins and carbohydrates with minerals & vitamins.


Concentration in Kabaddi is critical. Players tend to be under a lot of stress during tense situations in the matches. A calm and peaceful mind will help the players to take the right decisions at the right time. Every Kabaddi player must also learn to be patient; the game can at times get aggressive and make you restless. Yoga and meditation can help players in building concentration.

Practising the moves

Practice indeed makes a man perfect. One move practised 100 times will be a threat to the opponent rather than 100 moves practised once. Players must spend time on practising each move to master it. Mock raids with fellow team mates will prepare you for tense situations during the match. While practising, every individual will also get to know about their strengths and their weak points, on which they need to work.

Devising a good strategy

Strategy is the key to winning matches. A team should not enter the playing arena without a game plan. A player (raider/defender) must study the moves of his opponents carefully and understand their strategy. Every defender has a signature move, like thigh hold or ankle hold, raiders must be able to judge that and score points accordingly. The team must be ready with contingency plans for all types of situations

Maintaining the decorum

Kabaddi is a game where ethics and honour of a player matter the most. The game is a bit rough and tough, where even if the opponent touches you, they get a point. At times, in the quest to win, players do not accept that they have been touched. Every player must maintain the decorum on field, respect the game and for the integrity of the game they should accept the final decisions sportingly.


A united team that shares a great bond wins. Teamwork is the key to winning any match in Kabaddi. A raider must know that his team and defence have his back in case he doesn’t score points. When it comes to defence, teamwork is crucial. Defenders have to work together to tackle the opposition’s raider and hold the fort. A team that works together achieves bigger goals and scores points faster.

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