‘The Great Wall of India!’ ‘Superman stuff!’ ‘Sensational… ‘The greatest result in Indian Football in quite a few decades.’

Indian goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu put on a master class performance that had the Indian Football fans glued to their TV screens. Gurpreet made save after save to deny the Asian Champions and earn his team a much-deserved point.

The Indian goalkeeper made an impressive 11 saves and 9 claims against  FIFA 62nd ranked team to claim his first clean sheet of the year as Qatar peppered his goal.

While it has to be said that some of the shots were straight at the India’s number one, his performance certainly drew a big reaction on social media.

Social media was understandably in a frenzy after the match, lauding the ​ Bengaluru FC custodian with an abundance of praise.

Here is some of the best reactions on Twitter.

You probably aren’t wrong…






The performance drew comparisons to you know…..


And there was a whole host of ‘You shall not pass…’ tweets




Some snazzy stats


A night to remember…


Some love… from the fans



His efforts were recognised by match-commentator, Anant Tyagi who said:







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