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‘Missing F1, gym and creating healthy habits’: How racer Akhil Rabindra handles conditioning during Coronavirus lockdown

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Racer Akhil Rabindra spoke on how he’s utilizing the downtime to get creative in work out at home and stay in shape.

Just because the sports season has halted, doesn’t mean the athletes have stopped training for its possible return.

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread forced the season to be put on hold, athletes from around the nation continue working to stay fit and game-ready for if and when the season resumes.

Sports are on hold for Akhil Rabindra like everyone else, but there’s a plan for the Aston Martin Racing Academy Driver to stay in shape while they stay at home.


How’s life under lockdown? So, how's the past few days been for you?

Life is different currently, there are changes one needs to make now to what it was before. We are all doing this for the greater good. I’m still eating healthy, working out, sleeping well and working. I’m with family currently and that really helps. It’s just a few tweaks in one’s daily life, I don’t think its very drastic for me.


And when did you start taking Coronavirus seriously? What was your initial reaction was like?

It truly sunk in early March for me, the global situation was getting worse and this pandemic was spreading. I was living in the UK and then decided to come back home when countries were closing their borders down. I though it’s good to go back home and spend time with family.

This is something which has not happened in a long time, so self-educating myself on this topic and asking people more educated on this topic matter helped.


It's like a horror movie that hasn't been edited, yet, which has forced the entire universe to take a hard pause? So, personally, do you feel anything sad about missing out on rest of your racing season, or say any effect on your season?

No one could foresee this and how drastic it has become. It’s truly a global phenomenon and everyone has to work together to fix the situation. Yes, if there was racing to do life would have been so much better but I think some sacrifices are needed.

On the bright side, there will a lot of racing once everything resumes back to normal. I’m taking this as a positive personally to work on myself for the season and generally.

Lockdowns have prompted people across the world to come up with creative ways to cope with the coronavirus pandemic? How are coping up with the pandemic lockdown?

This is great time to start all the things you wanted to do and said you did not have time to do it. So, I thought I’ll focus a bit on trying to inculcate some new habits.

The distractions are fewer than before and boredom will hit its peak at some point. I’m definitely spending more time on social media and on streaming platforms but I think there are other things to fill the free time.


What are your new good habit that you have developed or building during this quarantine time while staying at home?


I am trying to get into a strong routine a day which includes a lot time for myself. Small things like drinking the required amount of water, consciously eating more veggies and fruit, learning and implanting new style of working out with less equipment and many more.


With all sports under lockdown, what you miss the most and how do you find ways to stay in shape?


I truly miss going to the gym, spending time on the simulator and do some pre-season testing. Fitness is free, you can do it anywhere irrespective of location. I definitely miss watching Formula One also, each year is different, and the competition is very strong for this year. No complaints but, the old F1 races are available online.


Would you please share some of the pro workout tips on how do to keep fit and healthy while heeding the new advice about staying at home?

At a time like this and if one does not have enough of fitness equipment, body weigh exercises are the way to go. You can do a lot of different body weight, equipment free exercises and still maintain a decent fitness routine. The important thing is to workout enough and not overkill it. A bit of creativity is needed to perform some exercises at home.


Also please share some nutrition tips on how to stay healthiest amid this pandemic?


The most important thing is to stick to basics, eat healthy, eat the requirement amount for you and try your best not to binge eat on junk food. I think get enough protein, veggies and carbs is more than enough, this will help maintain whatever program you are on. I think certain people over eat sitting at home while other under eat at home. It is important to find that right balance of eating enough, healthy and trying to avoid junk food.


When this is over, what's the first thing you're planning to do?

I am going to take my road car out and go for a long drive and enjoy seeing my city and other people on the road. It’s been a while since I’ve sat and driven any car.

Do you miss Formula One during the pandemic?

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