by Gomathi Rajam

India, a country that is most often referred to as a Cricket-centric country has hosted various National and International tournaments including Commonwealth Games, FIFA U-17 World Cup and the F1 Grand Prix.

This has promoted a diverse sporting culture throughout the country that has facilitated the development of many sports in India.

Here’s a list of the Top International tournaments hosted by India.


India hosted it’s first Commonwealth games at its capital city in 2010 and by far it is the most prestigious tournament hosted by the country. Despite, the number of issues that surfaced up in hosting the tournament India successfully organized the Commonwealth games that saw the participation of 71 Countries. The hosts bagged 101 medals and concluded at the second at the table. It was the second time the tournament was held in Asia.


The Commonwealth Youth Games is exclusively held for athletes who fall within 14 to 18 years of age.  The third edition of the tournament, that was participated by 71 nations comprising over 1300 athletes was held in Pune in 2008. India is the first Asian country to host the tournament. India with 76 medals topped the table and was followed by Australia.


India joined hands with Pakistan in hosting it’s first ever World Cup in 1987 after emerging champions at the 1983 World Cup. It was the first World Cup to be held outside England, after which the 1996 World Cup was organized by India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and it again hosted the 2011 World Cup with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in which India won the World Cup for the second time in Mumbai. It also hosted the 2016 T20 World Cup. India also organized the 1997 and 2013 Women World Cups and the 2016 Women world Cup.


With 11 Olympic medals and a world Cup, Hockey is one of the widely played sport in India. The country has also noted to have hosted three Cups in 1982, 2010 and 2018 in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bhubaneshwar respectively. India has also bid to host the 2023 World Cup.


The 2012 Summer Olympics was hosted in Beijing. The Qualifier, deciding on the final three participants of the tournament was held in three countries including India, Ireland and Japan. This was the first and the only IOC tournament held in India.


India hosted the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2017 after receiving the hosting rights in 2013. This was the only football world Cup held in India. The tournament struck a record audience of 1,347,133. The matches were played at six cities including Gauwhati, Kolkata, Goa, Kerala, Mumabi and New Delhi all of  which are football loving cities.


Chennai Open is the only ATP event conducted in India. Inaugurated  in 1996, Chennai open is held every year in Chennai, which is referred to as  the, “Mecca of Indian Tennis” owing to the huge fan base fan base for the sport in the city and the vast pool of talent it has plunged at the International level. Since 2017, the tournament is hosted in Maharashtra, India named as, The Maharashtra Open.


India organized the Formula 1, one of the most expensive sport at the Buddh International track in Noida. The tournament was hosted in 2012 and 2013 also and all Sebestian Vettel triumphed all the three years. The annual event came to a halt with the third edition in 2013, due to a tax dispute with the Government .


India hosted the2006 World Boxing Championship and the 2018 Women World Boxing Championship. The 2006 Championship was held in NewDelhi and it received the opportunity to host the tournament again in 2018 at the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex.


India hosted it’s first Chess Championship with Iran and Vishwanathan  Anand clinched the title in New Delhi. 13 years later India again hosted the Chess Championship in Chennai in which Vishwanathan Anand emerged runner-up.

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