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With a spectacular show on their home ground, Siddhi and Riddhi Hattekar bagged the silver and bronze medal in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics in the under 17 category on Tuesday. As the crowd kept on cheering for the sisters, they scored a total of 40.85 and 40.45 respectively. Even though the Gold medal went to Protistha Samanta of West Bengal, the Hattekar twins stole the show.

Siddhi and Riddhi Hattekar hail from Aurangabad. Shy by nature, these two can create havoc in the arena with their performances. “They started their journey when they were merely three and a half years old.” says their father Pravinchandra Hattekar who works as a sub editor in Dainik Bhaskar.

Formative years

The duo took their basic gymnastics training from Tanuja Gadbe. They trained with minimal facilities but their dreams didn’t allow them to hold back. Currently these 9th graders from Sharda Mandir Aurangpura train under the guidance of Ramkrishna Lokhande, coach of the Maharashtra Women Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) team.

They follow a strict routine of practice to stay ahead of their game. “On an average we train for six hours. Three hours before and after school. But we love this game so it really doesn’t matter.” says Siddhi, who also participated in the 15th Junior Artistic Gymnastics Asian Championship, Jakarta.

Future endeavours

In a world where everything is a competition, do these sisters fight to defeat each other in the arena? This question brings out smiles on their faces. “Yes, we do compete against each other given we play in the same category. But it is a friendly fight. Our score generally differ apparatus to apparatus but somehow we often end up getting the same total.” laughs Riddhi. These talented sisters not only represent Maharashtra in National competitions but also compete in the two year old Indian Gymnastics League.

While Siddhi turns out for the Orbit Swingers, Riddhi competes for the Paramita Twisters. According to them having a supportive team is a major factor in their success story. The constant cheering always boosts their confidence and helps them to perform better.

After the medals at KIYG 2019, these two will appear for the wise finals tomorrow. The sisters hope to win their respective events and get Maharashtra more medals. Talking about their future endeavours, Riddhi signs off by saying, “We train rigorously everyday because we hope to get to places. We surely want to play and win international tournaments.” These sisters believe in dreaming and achieving big goals and maybe given the immense potential we might see international stars from the Hattekar house of Aurangabad.

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