His first match for India was at Malaysia in 2015 in the Asian Gp where he was a nervous wreck which got him to crash and ultimately sent him out of the tournament. But that hasn’t stopped him from adding more than a few feathers in his cap. He won the National champion in the pro stock category and later that yea.r, he won the 1st runner-up in the Honda CBR 250 cup. He is also the first Indian to race in the Asia production 250 category in the Asian championship. We caught up with the racing star and got him to spill a few beans about his success.

Are you enjoying the process of sports or are you worrying about the outcomes?

I am enjoying each part of my sports career. It feels like heaven. I can proudly say that I am really privileged to be a part of this field.

One habit that you want to break, or you have successfully broken?

I feel like I must take it easy on the track not take pressure to my head right before the race. I will have to break that habit.

What drives you to go training for every day?

Motivation & my goals drives me to go for training every day. I foresee that I will be a champion one day. That kind of goals need serious commitment and I will have to put in the work diligently.

Any match rituals you follow
I Pray to God before each time I touch my race machine. I truly believe in him and hope that he bestows his blessings upon me.

What does it mean to you to represent India?
To represent India is something that cannot be described through words. I feel really proud to raise the tricolour. It keeps me going even when I’m hit with difficulties.

Your ultimate achievement?
I haven’t reached my full potential and would like to aim for greater accolades right now. But the ultimate goal is to race in the MotoGP world championship and win a medal.

How will you want to be known in 10 years from now?
I wanted to be known as a disciplined athlete and more over my eventual goal is to be the world champion.

Area of your game you need to improve?
As I am into racing I will have to work to improve my concentration and to be a calmer racer. Sticking to the basics will surprisingly benefit any sportsman and it’s important to follow strategies which keep you grounded.

Initial hurdles you faced and how did you tackle them?
To be able to finance my racing career was worrisome and seemed futile but then Honda came into the picture and from then, there has been no looking back. They have supported me in every way possible. It is now my responsibility to grow in the sport and return the favour.


Your Goals
My Short-term goal is to come on top at the Asian Championship and my long-term goal is to be the best world champion. become an Asia champion & my Long-term goal is to become a world champion
Your Most Embarrassing moment
When I was leading in a race at Thailand and I crashed in the last lap of the race which was a great loss for me. I ended up losing the race but believe that the entire race was a learning curve and vowed to never repeat those mistakes again and cost myself the match.


Your Favourite team/club
My Favourite team is Repsol Honda. I like them because they maintain a great name for themselves and the collective discipline they possess is something I aspire to reach.

Greatest Indian athlete of all time?
In racing, I like Mr. Rajini Krishnan who is an 11 times Indian National champion and my favourite athlete would be Sarath Kumar who is the first Indian World Championship Racer ever.

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