The defender & left corner kabaddi player Rinku Narwal hailing from Rindhana. The village is fond of kabaddi and in the eve of every day they spend time in the field to be a part of the game. It is then he started to have a liking towards the sport. He is indebted to his parents who have bestowed support to take Kabaddi as a career.

Your journey to Pro Kabaddi league

I played very well in the Junior Nationals in 2017. Our captain, Deepak Hooda recommended my name to our chief mentor, Ashok Shinde sir and that is how I got signed by Puneri Paltan.

Toughest team & player you have faced this season

Toughest player I think is Monu Goyat. He plays with a cool mind and anticipates defender’s moves. Toughest team is my team, Puneri Paltan.

How much has Pro Kabaddi League changed kabaddi in India

Pro Kabaddi League has broken the monotony of cricket in India. It has created awareness in the people’s mind about a new and exciting sport.

 Your ambition for the current season

My ambition is to play well in the PKL and help my team reach the final and lift the trophy.

How do you feel when you play alongside Dharmaraj Cheralathan?

In spite of being a legend in the field of Kabaddi, Anna is very humble. He patiently answers all my queries and guides me in the right direction.

Your World Cup Dreams

It is the dream of every Indian Kabaddi player to be a part of the world cup team and win gold.

 If you had to make a biopic on one Kabaddi player, who would that be and why?

Deepak Hooda. He has struggled a lot in his life and is a self-made Kabaddi player. He has achieved a lot of success and is yet very humble and down to earth.

As kabaddi is more of an aggressive game, how do you maintain your composure on ground?

We as a team do many recreational exercises and Yoga to keep ourselves calm and composed on field.

How is the atmosphere in the Puneri Paltan’s dressing room?

Our dressing room is always full of energy and excitement.

Your future plans for Kabaddi

I hope to see Kabaddi on the world map one day and I want to be a part of the team that brings glory to this game that we all love.

Message to Puneri Paltan’s army

We are training and practicing hard to lift the trophy this time. I request our fans to keep supporting us and shower their love on us during the home leg.

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