Your Fitness mantra

Fitness is not about size zero, but loving and keeping your body healthy is.

One win/loss that you are very proud of.

Winning Gold in 100M Freestyle at National Games 2015 will always be my proudest moment.

You have a chance to play another sport. Which one would it be? Why?

I love to play Tennis because I am a big fan of Sania Mirza. I used to play tennis in the off seasons when swimming pools were closed in my hometown.

In what area of your game do you think you need to improve?

Most often I take a late start during my races. I need to work hard to improve my start, the essential component in my sport that gives the edge over others.

Who do you want to be the flag bearer for India at ‘TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020’?

It must be, P.V Sindhu the first Indian woman to win Olympic Silver in Badminton

Who is your favourite opponent?

Aditi Dumatkar from Maharashtra, her presence in the race brings the best out of me.

Who had the greatest influence in your life and why was it such an impact?

Undoubtedly my father. Coming from an agricultural background, he was always broad-minded and wholeheartedly supported me in every decision

If you could get a tattoo, what would it be?

My father’s name ‘Harbir’ in Hindi

One subject you like and one you hate the most

Psychology is the one I like and the subject I hate the most is Economics

One teacher, you recommend should take up anger management?

Segal ma’am JJ My political science teacher.


Which is the one place you really want to travel to?

I want to visit Cuba and experience their Culture in person.

Who do you think knows you the best?

My friend from school Sripriya, she knows me inside out.

What is the one thing you will never do again?

I will never dive from 10m and get injured again 😉 coz I am not good at that.

What is your funniest childhood memory?

I started swimming in the bed while sleeping at night. My mom made fun of me the next whole day.

Describe ONE moment that you won’t forget

I won a Gold in the 100m Freestyle at National Games. My dad was very eager to watch the event, but couldn’t make it due to some emergency. I cannot forget that moment, when I couldn’t share my happiness with him.

Who do you think is the greatest Indian athlete of all time?

Sachin Tendulkar, Abhinav Bindra

Your favorite food

Yummy hot Chola Bhatura

Your first encounter with a celebrity athlete

I shared the same apartment with Sania Mirza during the Rio Olympics 2016

Your biggest achievements so far

Participated in Youth Olympics 2014

Gold at National games 2015

Participated in Rio Olympics 2016

What is on your playlist?

Taylor Swift, Weeknd, Zayn Malik, Maroon 5.

Your first match for India. Tell us about it

My first race for India was at Malaysian open in 2013. I was quite nervous because I was Going to race without my parents for the first time.

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