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Vivek Singh says you need these three things to become a successful off-roader

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Are you passionate about four-wheelers? Then getting to know about off-roading might just put your passion to the test. Because there is a fine line between driving your sedan to work every day and dodging tricky terrains on an SUV, at times putting your life on the line.

Deserts, mountains, jungles – these are the terrains that buttress the idea of off-roading. Although it is not as popular as it is in the West, there are people who are making an effort to popularise the sport, if you may call that, in the country. Vivek Singh is one of those bright minds.

When Vivek Singh is not busy managing his family business, he is busy cracking his brains over which terrain to conquer around the world. His love for off-roading is fairly recent, but has achieved enough to give many professionals a run for their money.

“Although my parents advise me to avoid this as it is risky, I do take this route because it gives me a sense of purpose. I want to popularise this sport in India,” says Singh. So, what all has Singh done in off-roading till date? “I have been to ten off-roading and six rallies till now. And I secured 2nd position in Thar Motorsport’s Royal Rajasthan Rally and 3rd in Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm in 2017, where I drove my Fortuner Toyota.” So, if you have an SUV handy and are itching to do something adventurous anytime soon, you must hear Vivek Singh talk about the challenges involved in the sport, and obviously how you should go about it. We got the 4-wheel champ in a free-wheeling interview about his off-roading experience, where he tells us the three things one needs to be a successful off-roader.  


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What's your toughest off-roading tour ever?

Thar Desert rallies have been the toughest as driving at high speeds on sand and climbing tall dunes is another ball game.

Any experience that you will never forget for a lifetime?

I’ve travelled over 25 countries and almost everywhere I made few unforgettable memories. But if you ask me to choose one, it will be off-roading in Mongolia across the Gobi Desert.

What is your message to budding off-roaders in India?

Get your SUV’s right and properly modified for off-roading. Also start practicing with the professionals who can guide you well till you actually become an off-roader.

What are you doing to help budding off-roaders?

I give them all the tips I can during rallies and off-roading. That’s the biggest help they need. I also encourage them to join our off-roading club called Kolkata Off-roaders, where they can come and learn from the senior most professionals of off-roading.

Which is the most difficult terrain in the world to do off-roading?

Mustang valley in Nepal which goes to Tibet is easily the toughest off-roading trail in the world where only Land Cruisers can run.

Tell us three qualities that one needs to be an off-roader?

Common sense, experience and determination (specially for rallies). However, Vivek Singh is just not an off-roader. He has the distinction of being a passionate gamer, where he was a national finalist at the Asian Football Gaming Championship (AFGC), FIFA 18 Tournament.  

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